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Consensus on language debate unlikely

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By : Koh Lay Chin and David Yeow

KUALA LUMPUR: The final roundtable on the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English will be held today but it is unlikely that common ground will be found, according to sources involved in the discussions. The battle lines have been drawn and have remained fixed. There are those for the continuation of the six-year policy, and those against.

There are those who seek a compromise, such as teaching in English for only upper primary pupils. There are those who advocate a “to each his own” approach, where schools are allowed to teach the two subjects in whatever language the parent-teacher association agrees with.

Sources familiar with the discussions say one thing is certain — there is no unanimity, either in Malay and Chinese groups or among teachers and parents. Even within organisations and political parties there are differences.

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Admin says: Let conduct a nationwide referendum to decide its outcome.

I bet 60-70% Malaysians are against teaching maths and science in English at the primary school. While >80% will support teaching maths and science in English at the secondary school.

Or Pak […]