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Highlight: Did two million rural voters decide for Malaysia?

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In simple word, PR needs 60% popular votes to defeat BN in the parliamentary seats.

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PETALING JAYA (May 22): Among the election “literature” distributed prior to the 13th general election (GE13) was Tindak Malaysia’s analysis of Malaysia’s electoral outlook.

By virtue of Tindak Malaysia’s position as a non-partisan community movement that conducted voter education and election agent training, the analysis was widely circulated via social media. The analysis examined the 2008 political landscape and drew conclusions as to the probable results of the GE13.

Tindak Malaysia’s main political premise was that BN would never lose a general election because its re-delineation strategy ensured that it won most of the smaller rural parliamentary seats while Pakatan Rakyat took most of the larger but lesser urban seats.

The movement ranked the 222 parliamentary constituencies according to the size of their voters based on 2008 data. Most of the rural areas, aside from Putrajaya, made up the first 112 seats. To further illustrate its point, Tindak Malaysia compared the smallest parliamentary seat of Putrajaya to the largest seat of Kapar. Putrajaya’s 6,608 voters when compared to Kapar’s 112,224 voters […]