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Sabah racial hormany will be spoiled by UMNO from Peninsula

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I visited Sabah in late 90s and found Sabahans are living harmonious regardless their races. There are several religion followers in a family is not strange thing in Sabah unlike in Peninsula where the corpse snatch often happen.

With the invasion of UMNO Malays from Peninsula, the racial hatred sentiment will be growing like cancer in Sabah soon.

Sabah harmony impresses world – CM

by Nancy Lai. Posted on May 31, 2012, Thursday

PENAMPANG: The annual Pesta Kaamatan or Harvest Festival is a celebration that has strengthened ties among the people, especially between the leaders and local communities, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

This is Sabah’s specialty which has impressed and sparked the curiosity of foreign leaders visiting the state, Musa said when officiating at the annual Traditional Sports Festival and the opening of the exhibition at the KDCA grounds here yesterday.

“Leaders from foreign countries are impressed when they see the harmony and how comfortably Sabahans celebrate the various celebrations and festivals in the state,” he said, adding that organizing annual events such as the Pesta Kaamatan is one way to preserve the traditions handed down by our […]