Sabah Under Attack >>>

Sabah under attack :: Sulu Sultanate Army is better armed than Malaysia police

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8 March 2013: Over 50 suspected terrorist conspirators caught in Sabah.

7 March 2013: The Suluk terrorist’s spokesman confirmed 10 terrorists were killed and another 10 were arrested on 5th and 6th by Malaysian security forces.

Malaysian authorities announced 31 Suluk terrorists killed by Malaysian security forces on Thursday.

If 500 lb bomb drops at within 10 meters from the terrorists, the only things left are uncountable pieces of human flesh. I believe more bandits are killed even no bodies can be found in the airstrike.

6 March 2013: 4 Suluk terrorists were slain by Malaysian security forces.

These Muslim soldiers were aided and trained by Malaysia and Libya in 70 and 80s to fight against the Philippines for an independent Islamic state in Mindanao.

The same drama MAY happen when the Muslim rebels in Southern Thailand claim Kelantan and Kedah are their ancestral land of Pattani Sultan once they have signed the peace agreement with Thailand.

This is called karma when the same people decided to turn their guns and invade Malaysia to free Sabah.

A long guerrilla war is expected in Sabah. I want to see any use of billion RM […]