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Total failure of BN government to increase income level for graduates

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If you are too young, let me tell you that a fresh engineer already earned RM2,500 in early 90s. If you discount the inflation over 25 years, RM2,500 monthly income today is equivalent to RM500 in earlier 90s.

Malaysian employers basically have underpaid our workers due to the pro-employer foreign labor policy for them to import unlimited cheap foreigners to replace local workers in every level from hard labor to manager.

I have no hesitate to give a big F to those experts who claim RM2,500 is sufficient for a fresh graduate.

Kick out BN is another hope if you do not want our workers and yourself are treated like a donkey.

RM2,500 salary should be enough for fresh grads, say experts

KUALA LUMPUR: A starting salary of RM2,500 for graduates who have just entered the employment world will suffice as long as they manage their finances well and live within their means.

Economist and financial management experts say this average starting salary can be considered reasonable given that the fresh grads have no skills or experience and that the employer has to take the risk of employing them.

The […]