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Samy Vellu is a top magician in Malaysia

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A several hundred MIC members protested against two blocks of 29-storey new condominium project in Batu Caves. Samy Vellu was invited as a honorary guest and speaker to the crowd.

He proudly announced that he has magical power to make the condominium disappearing from thin air instead of asking PR government to cancel it.

The Indian crowd booed him, “Datuk Seri, don’t bluff lah, you should walking to Sungai Siput to fulfill your promise made in 2008.”

Samy Vellu just smiling and asking his part-time handsome assistant named nkkhoo to present a hard evidence as below to prove his supernatural power is not a hoax.

Yes, Samy Vellu had made all lamp posts on a 15-year old bridge crossing Muar River disappearing when he was a Works Minister.

The key witnesses for the magic show are DPM Muhyiddin Yassin and late Ghafar Baba because the bridge is located in Pagoh constituency.

I expect opposition in Pagoh making noise about missing lamp posts.

Unfortunately there is totally no PR voice in Pagoh constituency in normal days. But PR expects Pagoh voters to vote any PR candidate who only appear once […]