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Saved RM 150 per month for not subscribing internet broadband service

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Instead of subscribing to Unifi broadband after terminated a 8-year old Streamyx broadband, I have decided to stop subscribing Unifi broadband service.

The reason is Celcom sent me a lawyer letter for RM 70++ due payment which I have disputed the payment was settled.

Since Celcom and its parent company, TM is a monopolized broadband service provider in Cheras. Thus, say NO to Unifi is only legal protest I can make.

Anyway, I subscribed to Digi 3G’s RM30 monthly package for internet backup and also to keep RM500++ credit prepaid phone in active.

RM150 saved from Unifi can be better used for my breakfast expenses at a nearby Malay restaurant with free WIFI service. I can still access internet from my resident through 3G and hacked wifi channel. [Reminder: Wifi hacking is illegal in Malaysia.]

The annual saving is RM150 X 12 = RM1800. RM1800 is small for BN rich cronies, but it’s a big money for many poor families.

Another feasible option is sharing broadband bandwidth with your neighbors. Let say three families in a row share a Unifi account, each family can save RM100 per month or RM1200 per year. […]