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Those idiots got cheated are not orang kampung, many of them can write and speak English

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As my old saying, education does not make people more smart, but more greedy.

A few thousand of Nigerians are living with flamboyant style in Malaysia with billion free money from Malaysians especially the lonely female Malaysians.

The Nigerians on the second floor in my place parked his Toyota car in the back lane to hide it from our attention. They got Filipino girlfriends who come to entertain them frequently.

RM1bil lost to cyber crimes August 29, 2013

There is a growing concern over the increasing numbers of cyber crimes in Malaysia, says Deputy IGP Mohd Bakri Zin. CYBERJAYA: Cyber crime is a ticking bomb in Malaysia according to the police.

Between January and July this year the Malaysian police recorded RM1 billion in losses from victims of such crime, said Deputy Inspector-General of Police Mohd Bakri Zinin.

He said US-based IT security developer, SOPHOS had it is three-month Security Threat report this year ranked Malaysia as sixth globally in terms of cyber crime threat risks.

“It (cyber crime) is serious and we must educate the public in preventing it,” he told a press conference after the signing of a memorandum […]