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What kind of nonsense merit system?

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If a system is race-based, creating a new category serves no purpose to convince the world that no apartheid system in Malaysia.

Scholarship is divided to four categories; national, race, bumi and East Malaysia bumi based on skin color, and Najib shamelessly called it merit system.

Bumi goes to matriculation class while non-bumi are dumped into STPM class, and then you put them to compete for a same scholarship. This is nonsense merit system.

Najib shall just admit that bumi is stupid and they need protection forever instead of insulting our intelligence on such nonsense merit system.

Merit-based scholarships soon Plan signals further toning down of controversial policy that favours bumiputeras

By Elizabeth Looi, Malaysia Correspondent

KUALA LUMPUR – PRIME Minister Najib Razak said a new category of scholarships would be introduced next year which would be based solely on results obtained by students, and not on their racial background.

The merit-based scholarships will go some way to assuage complaints from non-Malays that some of the brightest Malaysian students are not backed by the government, causing a brain drain.

PM Najib announced the new scheme at a dinner organised by the Malaysian […]