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Bodohland education system has failed after 70s

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Let me sharing another bitter experience after we all have to study all subjects except languages in Bahasa Malaysia.

Most Chinese teachers have difficulty to master BM when the system was switched from English to BM. I remember a Chinese male mathematic teacher who hardly could speak a string of sentence in Malay. We all mad to listen to his alien language, and he was transferred out several months later. An unconfirmed rumor said he had resigned for unable to speak Malay language in time for his new role.

There was no a single English teacher in my rural school, we all slept in the classroom during my Remove Class and Form One. We only started to study English extensively in Form Three after a Chinese teacher in Industrial Arts volunteered himself to teach us English. I met this good teacher again in Muar’s Datuk school during my Form Six.

The Malay headmaster told us that failed in English is not a big deal at all. This bloody idiot also followed me to a secondary school in Serom 3, Sungai Mati as a new headmaster for my new school.

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