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MCA politician tried to shape positive public opinion against this scoutmaster

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MCA politician tried to make him an innocent man before the court. This is a cheap shot from a low-life political party.

Many brainless English educated netizens buy in Mr. Ho’s crying tactic to say these school girls are defaming him.

Do you want your daughter subject to open trial and humiliation for making false police report?

Mr Ho and his wife should lodge a police report against the parents and local Chinese papers instead of using MCA cheap publicity to make him innocent.

What they afraid for making police report if he is innocent? Let the court decides, not the MCA sucker, Datuk Theng Book. Scoutmaster charged with molesting female students

PETALING JAYA: A scoutmaster has been charged in a Magistrate’s court with nine counts of allegedly molesting female students under his care.

Ho Lee Fong, 44, claimed trial to the charges that he molested eight students, ages 13 to 14, at a secondary school in Damansara between April and June last year.

Magistrate Nor Afidah Idris set bail at RM5,000 for each charge and fixed April 2 for next mention.

Scoutmaster’s wife: Apologise or face legal action