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Why the big bosses behind these secret societies not disclose to public?

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The answer is some big bosses were appointed as the cabinet ministers, and many of them are conferred with Datuk and Tan Sri titles and active in the corporate world as legitimate businessmen.

The UMNO new interior minister threatened to expose the big boss names in the newspaper, but his chickened out later. Millions of money for BN in the general election is donated by these same bosses.

Besides, many high ranking police officials will be dragged into new scandal if the big bosses of secret societies are exposed publicly.

Gang 36 and Loh Kuan are two active triad gangs in my village since 70s and they often fought each other with samurai swords in 70s and 80s.

Hundreds or may be thousands of Gang 36’s members paid last respect to a taiko’s funeral, who used to be my neighbor several years ago. The taiko died at 49 years due to drug overdosed.

Botak Chin is the founder for Gang 36 after splitting from Hung Meng Hui, such info is not mentioned in the Star.

Hung Meng Hui is the biggest Chinese triad in the world, and its big boss stationed […]