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What is the convention? Did UMNO submit three names before 2008?

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UM law Professor was charged for questioning the power of sultan to demand more names from the governing party. UMNO is cohorting with the royal institute to terrorize rakyat from protecting the rule of law and constitution.

Did UMNO, MCA and MIC submit three names to Selangor sultan for his highness to choose the right candidate?

What is treason by obeying the constitution and respect the people power? Today is not Middle Ages where the ruler possesses absolute power.

It’s ridiculuos and overstep on people power if the Agong asking three names from BN for him to vet on who is Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The Sultan of Selangor (pic) has reprimanded DAP and PKR for submitting only one name for the position of Selangor Mentri Besar.

Despite the decree by Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah on August 27 for the three parties to submit more than two names for the post, a statement from the Sultan’s private secretary Datuk Mohd Munir Bani confirmed that only PAS had submitted three names.

“The Sultan is extremely disappointed with DAP and PKR for not abiding to his royal highness’ decree and naming only (PKR president) Datuk […]