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PR please prove Raja Petra is a liar

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PR supposed to show rakyat that they are different with BN in everything. Unfortunately, they choose to be another BN copycat to compete who is less evil and less corrupt.

Penang open tender also a half-cooked one, I rates it at 50% marks compared to 0 mark in Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan. No doubt, BN is scored ZERO mark in open tender.

Don’t blame Raja Petra for badmouthing PR, PR can prove him wrong and he is another BN machai with factual rebuttals.

Direct negotiation is still a legal practice in Bolehland, albeit we all know it’s a shortcut to corruption and rent-seeking.

Personal attack against Raja Petra does not change the perception that PR Selangor is just another BN with different name under the UMNO deviants.

EPISODE 18: Selangor government still to end negotiated contracts

In August 2008, Khalid Ibrahim announced that Selangor is also going to end the practice of negotiated contracts, just like Penang. But that same year, RM79 million worth of contracts were awarded on a negotiated basis. In 2009 it was RM27 million and in 2010 RM143 million. I do not have the figures for […]