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MCA is entitled to steal land because it fought for citizenship for Chinese?

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This is like UMNO goon in saying UMNO is rakyat, they can steal land at will.

Malaya Communist Party is more qualified than MCA for land grab for their armed struggle against Japanese. MCP not MCA was invited by Elizabeth Queen to participate in the victory parade in London

S’gor land grabs: Now, MCA found sitting on cheap land

There have been more revelations of land grabs by Barisan Nasional while in power in Selangor.

The latest being a plot of land located in Kajang’s commercial centre covering 6,900 square feet.

According to Serdang member of parliament Teo Nie Ching the land was bought by Hulu Langat MCA at RM1 per square foot in 2001. Now, it is understood that the land costs RM150 per square foot.

“What is more surprising is that the land is now taken over by the Federal government for the MRT project with compensation to MCA at an undisclosed sum,” she told DAP organ Roketkini.

According to Teo, the Hulu Langat MCA division headquarters was constructed on the land, and not kindergarten or public halls as the party promised earlier when the land was bought.

Teo called on […]