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Sri Lanka World Heritage Site, Sigiriya or Rock Lion

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These video clips refreshe my old and long memory about my adventurous touring experience in Sri Lanka in late 90s. Not many foreign tourists visited the war torn beautiful country at that point of time. Sometimes, the resort and hotel was totally deserted except me.

Sri Lanka island with its small size more or less like Pahang is having eight world heritage sites compared to three in Bolehland.

I visited seven of them except the Sinharaja Forest Reserve and Adam Peak (a part of Central Highlands of Sri Lanka) before I left the country.

Sigiriya or Rock Lion is one of the amazing places in Sri Lanka, it’s called eighth ancient wonder of the world by the local people. The standing huge rock on the plain can be seen from far away, and offers a magnificent view on the top.

A king named Kassyapa who killed his own father for the throne built a refuged palace on the top of this rock, completed with a swimming pool for him and his concubines at about 1,500 year ago.

Half-naked ladies paintings or frescoes on the half-way are must see attraction.