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A mockery of law…because we let monkeys run the country

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What happen to data from the GPS speed limiter black box? The GPS black box serves no purpose if no legal actions are taken against over speeding buses from the data collected.

This is second time I ask the same question!

Amend the law if the Police or prosecutor cannot use black box data as evidence in the court to charge bus drivers and companies.

Fire MCA’s Transport Minister, they are useless stock except good in corruption. Give the cabinet seat to other more aptitudinal person.

Simpang Ampat bus crash: Lesson not learnt

Buses still breaking speed limit on North-South Expressway KEVIN ONG Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 10:45:00

SPEED DEMON: An express bus breaking the speed limit at 120km/h at the expressway yesterday — Pic: Ashraf Shamsul Azlan

PETALING JAYA: Despite Sunday’s Simpang Ampat tragic accident with the loss of 12 lives, express bus drivers were relentlessly speeding on the highways.

When The Malay Mail conducted an observation yesterday afternoon along the North-South Expressway, we found more than 10 express buses blatantly ignoring the 90kph speed limit applicable to them.

While Malaysian highways have a speed limit of 110kph applicable for cars, […]