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Only idiots do not know Singapore is a safe haven for black money from Malaysia, Indonesia, Mynmar, China, etc.

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Singapore, squeaky clean? It’s a SIN CITY … Written by CPI

We are reproducing a commentary on the role of Singapore as a haven for illicit financial flows, including from Malaysia, by Singapore-born Tan Wah Piow who is currently practising law in London.

Tan fled Singapore in 1976 after being jailed for eight months for ‘rioting’ while he was a student leader campaigning for democracy and social justice, and sought political asylum in the UK.

His citizenship was revoked by the Singapore government in 1987. The commentary below was first published in the Temasek Review Emeritus.

By Tan Wah Piow

Singapore is “the jurisdiction of choice by people like us”. This boast by rogue lawyer Alvin Chong of Sarawak, caught on video by journalists from London-based Global Witness posing as investors interested in land deals, has gone viral.

The “people like us” presumably includes the minions and their corrupt politicians in Asia, as well as tax dodgers, and criminals who erstwhile had sheltered their ill-gotten wealth in Switzerland.

The stealth video exposes not just the rampant corruption in Sarawak, it also highlights how virgin forests are stolen from the people, and the […]