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Corrupt and failed state is good for reason kiasu PAP government not supporting BN

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More reading about failed state in the world,

PAP government definitely will prefer to see BN in power to maintain a corrupt and ineffective government forever. Those so-called pro-BN blogs must be ran by idiotic BN cyber troopers.

At least hundred advantages for having a corrupt and failed nation (in the orange color club like China) in your neighbor. I only give a few, you can add more.

1. Malaysia four hundred billion RM black money flow to Singapore banks.

2. High value FDI funds flow to Singapore.

3. Singaporeans enjoy free subsidies in Johor.

4. Free manpower training for Singapore.

5. Cheap labor supply for Singapore.

6. Cheap land for factories rejected by Singapore.

7. Cheap prostitute for Singapore men, therefore they are proudly classified as foreign tourists by Ng Yen Yen.


Singapore envoy: Our personnel were not at Bersih to support protesters


KUALA LUMPUR: Three Singapore High Commission officials who attended the Bersih 3.0 rally did not go there to support the protesters, High Commissioner Ong Keng Yong said.

He explained that the three his deputy Ariel Tan and first secretaries (political) Regina Low and […]