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112 mbps broadband in much speed in Bolehland?

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TM Nut’s Unifi fastest speed package is 20 mbps.

Obviously, 10 billion ringgit spent on Unifi fiber optic wiring is a waste of resources if the downloading speed is capped at 20 mpbs.

How Malaysia can compete with the world if China, Philippines and Vietnam can provide better and cheaper broadband service to their people?

‘Fastest’ broadband speed in RP: 112 mbps

By Karen Flores,

MANILA, Philippines – Lopez-owned Sky Cable Corp. has formally launched its 112 megabytes per second (mbps) broadband service, touted as the fastest Internet connection in the country.

This is a far cry from current offerings of local telecommunications firms of 1 to 2 mbps, and Sky Cable’s own plans of 6 and 12 mbps.

“We are serious about providing the fastest Internet connection in the country. We want to continue to push the envelope,” said Ray Montinola, Sky Cable’s marketing head.

With an Internet connection of 112 mbps, one can download a 800-mb file in less than 2 minutes and watch 1080p high-definition videos online sans the buffering, Sky Cable said.

The company’s latest offering also comes with Sky Cable’s Platinum Package (premium channels), unlimited additional cable […]