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Why anyone can cross the border without passport at Sungai Golok?

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This is open secret, everyone in Sungai Golok and Kelantan knows crossing the border with a boat is more easy than crossing Muar river. The border with Thailand is so porous because the corruption in the police is so critical and beyond repairable.

The news report by the NST is eye opening if you do not believe my story.

These people can visit foreign country without passport or travel document. No checkpoint at the Sg Golok jetties is also to facilitate Muslim separatists in Thailand to escape to Malaysia after sabotage operations.

Do you think Thailand is willing to cooperate with Malaysia to stop firearm smuggling to Malaysia? You sabotage me, I sabotage you.

The first urgent step is to erect security fence along the Sg Golok riverbank and send the army to guard the border in 24×7 basis if UMNO has political will to stop smuggling along Thai-Malaysia border.

If IGP needs the GPS info for smuggling landing point, do not hesitate to contact me. I took the GPS when I visited the place last month.

IGP: Police targeting weapons smugglers plying trade near Sg Golok


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