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Snake swallowed man in Taman Negara hoax is still not dying after 4 year!

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I had rebutted same hoax in the Chinese forums three or four years ago. This hoax seems is still circulating in internet and many Malaysians who are brainless generally will accept it as a fact without thinking.

Check the number plate, and its form and design is never used in West Malaysia as far as I know.

Taman Negara quashes rumours of snake swallowing human body


KUANTAN: Taman Negara has quashed rumours that a python had swallowed a human in the popular national park following the circulation of pictures of the bulging snake on the Internet.

One of the three photographs shows the snake cut open, revealing the lower part of a human body said to be that of a teenager.

The other pictures show the snake, with its bulging mid-section, in the back of a pick-up truck.

Taman Negara controller Abdul Kadir Abu Hashim said this was not the first time that […]