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Another addressing syndrom, not the root cause KPI

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Govt mulling separate lanes for pedestrians and m-cyclists is another knee-jerk action to solve street crime issue in the cities. Let do the brainstorming in the KPI lab first to find out the root cause(s) of snatch thievery crime.

The first question is who are the snatch thieves? The probably answer is the majority of them are drug addicts and jobless youth from local and foreign countries.

The second question is why they become snatch thieves? The logical answer is they need money for drug and food.

The third question is why they become drug addicts and jobless people? The likely answers are

– for drug addiction issue is the failure of family, religion, education and police institutions to inculcate good people and stop the influx of drugs.

– for jobless youth issue is the failure of government to provide training and decent jobs to local people. The presence of three millions foreign workers have pushed our low educated youth to the criminal trap.

The fourth question is how to prevent good people from turning into criminals? The sensible answer is let restore and enhance the right parental guidance […]