Sabah Under Attack >>>

Stop annual cession payment to Sulu Sultan

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The new evidence from Brunei sultanate archives revealed Brunei’s 24th Sultan, Sultan Abdul Momin, appointing Baron de Overbeck as the Maharaja Sabah, Rajah Gaya and Sandakan signed on 29th December 1877.

The second treaty was signed by Sultan Jamalalulazam of Sulu appointing Baron de Overbeck as Dato Bendahara and Raja Sandakan on 22nd January 1878, about three weeks after the first treaty was signed.

Baron de Overbeck signed the first treaty with Brunei indicated the Brunei Sultan was still the actual ruler for Sabah.

The second agreement is void because Baron de Overbeck already signed a first agreement with the Brunei Sultan for the same purpose of leasing Sabah.

The second agreement with the Sulu Sultan is a case of wrong representation and invalid under the international law.

The Sulu Sultan was making claim that Sabah is their territory based on an agreement signed between the Sulu Sultan and Baron de Overbeck. Making claim without direct control on the land is like you claim the moon is yours.

Also, there was no written document to prove the Brunei Sultan ceded Sabah to Sulu Brunei.

It’s high time for Malaysia government to form […]