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An unified examination for 1Malaysia, stop racial exam system now

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MEC was no getting any public consultation and feedback from the stakeholders like students, parents, teachers, etc. for such a major revamp on public examination. They just simply to announce that STPM will be scrapped by next year after MEC own in-depth study.

Another Lynas project scandal is in the making!

STPM standard will be downgraded to Mara junior college standard under this new term system. UMNO goons are still not satisfy after raping SPM, and STPM is the next victim.

Who set the exam papers for term written examinations? The school itself like Mara junior college or MEC?

The examination is cross-school unlike examination in the university. How to ensure coursework is fairly judged and marked by each school?

The coursework component is impractical to be introduced in schools for marking standardizing issue.

Why not just scrap STPM and make an unified Pre-U examination for all schools and junior colleges to enhance the integrity of public examination?

I think this is a stop brain drain measure to prevent foreign universities from taking our students especially the non-bumi students.

Who want to take students from such a shitty examination system? […]