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Malaysian traditional games :: Catching small fishes in paddy field and streams in the rubber estate

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By NKKhoo

Location: The outskirts of Muar.

Time capsule: 70s.

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This outdoor outing is not a game, it’s more like a leisure sport in today’s jargon.

During the weekends and long school holidays, my village mates in a small group of four to five would bring simple fishing tools like rattan bucket, unused mosquito net, empty Milo can to catch small fishes like “ikan sepat”, fighting fish, “ikan keli” (pond loach), tiger barb (an endemic species in Northern Johor), frogs, etc. in the paddy field and streams running through the rubber estate.

Sawah Ring is located at about 5km from my new village and it was easily reached with the bicycle or walking. Look at a rotating banner above for Sawah Ring scenery.

Malayan fighting fish is only found in the muddy water of paddy field. We caught the male fishes for fighting purpose. The fish is easy to breed in the small glass bottle with white Hainan bread.

Malayan fighting fish

Pond loach is a delicious edible fish we like to catch from the drainage channels in paddy field for our dinner. Sometimes we also […]