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Q&A: Pemandu's clarification on subsidy rationalisation

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God gives Malaysia with a plentiful of resources, but her people especially Malays wasted God gifted resources like Indonesians. Blame themselves for all self-created problems.

Kiasuland without natural resources can be more prosperous than Bolehland is self-explanatory.

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 18:20:00

AFTER the Subsidy Rationalisation Open Day, the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) and the Subsidy Rationalisation Lab received a lot of feedback either through emails, SMS, alternative media seeking clarification and challenging the facts and analysis of the subsidy lab which they presented.

The two parties thought it would be useful to provide a public response so that those who were not in attendance and were unable to ask questions would benefit from their response.

These are the views and recommendations solely of Pemandu and the Subsidy Rationalisation Lab, and not necessarily that of the Government.

Below are the frequently asked questions that were channelled to the two parties, with a response from Pemandu chief executive officer Datuk Seri Idris Jala.

1. Why did you say that Malaysia will go bankrupt in 2019? Have you misled us?

During the Open Day, I presented some salient facts about the […]