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BN is an irresponsible government to keep sugar price low as now

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The sugar price should be doubled every six months till the national consumption level per capita is cut down to 10% of present level.

There is not a single health benefit to take sugar. Sugar is a soft drug as bad as tobacco and a health killer like tobacco. Obesity and other modern day illness like hypertension, heart attack and stroke are closely correlated with over consumption of sugar.

According to a study by Japanese scientist, zero consumption of sugar will make a person younger by ten years and the body will stay more healthy.

The first step is to impose sugar limit in the canned drink and food.

Any government to fix the sugar price low is tantamount to kill its people indirectly. Beside, the profit from sugar price hike must be in the form of sin tax like for tobacco and channel to national treasure.

Sugar itself is a drug, many people have already addicted to sugar.

The article in National Geographic, Sugar Love (A not so sweat story)

The article in Chinese National Geographic Magazine about the sugar is a health killer.