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Suggestion to DPM Dato’ Najib: Open up unemployed graduates-training program

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Monday, 26 January 2009

Dear YB Dato’, The market and unemployed graduates know better what is right training for adding value on them and be more employable. To let government micro-managed their traning needs is not going to solve this chronic unemployed graduates problem. There are many training service providers do not register with Minister of HR to be eligible in the re-training programs.

I urge DSN to consider to let market forces to decide which training is truly needed by our unemployed graduates. Sorry to say our government servants in Ministry of HR MAY BE out of touch with the reality in the private sector. Open up training opportunity to all training providers. Only those service providers who are meeting their customers’ (unemployed graduates or retrenched workers) requirements will survive and able to solve unmatched supply and demand issue amongst our graduates or workers.