Rapeland >>>

Female hostel in Sukma is like Chow Kit road with free access

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Look like no security or foreign security personnel are hired to guard the female hostel from intruders.

Three male athletes could freely enter the room to rape the victim indicated the lax of security. I believe no question ask if the visitor just raise up his/her hand to say hello to guards.

The suspects can walk out freely from the lock-up and court if they have datuk father.

The incident also reflecting the decay of moral value amongst the young generations.

The Star report confirms the security is lax in the female dormitory.

My predict is the teenage athletes are Malay because gang rape is a common crime in the Malay community.

Yes, my predict is confirmed true that three suspects are Malay youth.

Police detain three Sukma athletes for alleged rape

KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 (Bernama) — The police have detained three teenage Malaysia Games (Sukma) handball players to facilitate investigations into the rape last Wednesday, of an additional officer of the women’s handball squad.

The suspects were picked up on Friday, following a report by the 19-year-old victim at the Serdang police headquarters, a day earlier.