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Rulers are above politics: Sultan Azlan Shah

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Rulers are above politics: Sultan Azlan Shah (Update)

KUALA KANGSAR: Rulers are above politics and as such they cannot participate in open debates to answer allegations hurled against them by political groups, said Sultan of Perak Sultan Azlan Shah on Sunday.

He said the actions of certain political groups in provoking the people and sowing seeds of hatred against the rulers was akin to fanning “embers in the chaff” which, he said, was a dangerous act and could destroy the peace enjoyed by the people and the country.

“These groups are allowing the end to justify the means by condoning such acts.

“These groups and individuals feel that they are faultless and immune from any action, to the extent of disregarding the law for the sake of attaining power,” he said at the loyalty pledge and Perak awards ceremony in conjunction with his 81st birthday at the Istana Iskandariah here Sunday.

Sultan Azlan Shah also said that he felt there was too much politicking in the country at the moment and this would affect economic productivity and the country’s image in the eyes of the […]