Sabah Under Attack >>>

Ceasefire is possible before you murdered and beheaded Malaysian policemen

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Sorry, my dear Sulu Sultan, it’s too late the ceasefire offer from you who instigated your followers to fight until last person.

The only option is Suluk terrorists lay down their weapon and surrender to Malaysian security forces. They all have to be charged for criminal offenses under the Malaysia laws.

Sulu Sultanate calls for ceasefire in Sabah



KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 — The Sulu Sultanate today called for a ceasefire as more of its soldiers fall from gunfights in Sabah, promising that its army will lay down arms and take on a defensive stance if Malaysia’s security forces agree to do the same.

According to a series of postings on Philippine news network ABN-CBS’s Twitter page this afternoon, the Sultanate’s spokesman Abraham Idjirani told a press conference in the Philippines that the call for a ceasefire was to avoid more bloodshed and “crimes against Filipinos” in the conflict zone.

“The call for ceasefire is in view of deaths of followers in Sabah,” Idjirani said, adding that the call was effective as at 12.30pm today.