Sabah Under Attack >>>

The terrorists slipped the tight cordon by Malaysian Navy and Maritime Enforcement Agency?

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There are two possibilities,

1. Malaysian Navy and MMEA’s capability is suck after over budget patrol boats and submarines scandals. The Philippines Navy is doing much better job than Malaysian Navy.

2. The backdoor passage is opened for these terrorists to flee under a secret agreement with the Sulu Sultan.

Malaysian government has to answer why the Sulu terrorists are slipped through the dragnet regardless which possibility. None of them is accepted by the rakyat.

These Sulu terrorists have to be flushed off and killed if no surrender at whatever costs.

Philippines detains “militants” trying to flee Malaysia

MANILA: The Philippines Navy said it had detained 35 suspected Filipino militants on Wednesday as they sought to sail home from a military offensive against them in the Malaysian state of Sabah.

They are believed to be remnants of a band of up to 300 followers of a self-proclaimed Filipino sultan who entered Sabah a month ago to stake a territorial claim to the area, regional military chief Rey Ardo said.

“They were coming back (home)… they are armed,” Lieutenant-General Ardo said on ABS-CBN television, confirming […]