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Do you believe ghost?

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This seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar is said the ghosts are roaming freely in our world. I do not encourage superstitious mindset, but I have encountered several unexplained events in my life.

If an odd event is felt by oneself, noise in our brain circuit could be the reason, but if more than ten persons encounter a same unexplained event, I will rate it as a real mysterious event beyond the scientific explanation.

Why I suddenly talk about ghost story? Because in 2am plus yesterday’s morning, I threw my rubbish bags into a temporary collection place in the staircase area, I noticed an unlocked main door on the upper floor deserted unit opened and closed gently by itself in the windless night. The movement distance of the door is less than 30cm.

I was too afraid to go up to investigate after a scary and dramatic event happened to me before. I did peep into a deserted hut in the paddy field through its door gap in a late evening.

A black cat suddenly jumped out from the deserted hut through the door, and passing over my head before […]