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Local Muslims are more fanatics under UMNO government

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State Religious Department adviser Datuk Noh Gadut (right) with officers from the state religious department and Kota Tinggi district officers conducting checks on the surau where a group of Singaporean Buddhists used the surau for religious chanting at Tanjung Sutera Resort in Sedili Besar, Johor. — NSTP/Hairul Anuar Rahim

Many Indonesians in Jawa believe that touching the Buddha statue in the stupa at Borobudur will bring good fortune to them.

Malay from Singapore is more rational and open to other religions, only local Malays are brainwashed to be narrow-minded in everything.

What is the sin in Islam to allow other religious followers to use mosque for chanting and prayer if no non-halal food is served?

Blue Mosque in Turkey was converted from a Church, Turkey people are not crazy to demolish a magnificent building due to the building was used for religious function by Christians.

I hope Johor Sultan ordered the State Religious Department not to make this incident as an issue.

‘Resort surau may be demolished’ By Chuah Bee Kim

JOHOR BARU: The surau in the Tanjung Sutera Resort will most likely be demolished after investigations are completed.

Johor Religious […]