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No pipe water for areas in Alam Damai for more than a week

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Update on 21 Feb 2014, water rationing is imposed with a few hours the pipe is feeding with water in the alternative day.

Update on 18 Feb 2014, the water ran out again after a few hours in yesterday.

Update on 17 Feb 2014, the water pipe finally got small flow of dirty water which at least solve the toilet flushing problem. Still have to collect drinking water from other place.

A total of 20 days the pipe is totally running out of water.

According to Syabas website, two water treatments in Cheras Batu 11 and Bukit Tampoi were shut down due to ammonia pollution in the Langat River since 28 January 2014.

The reservoir tank in my housing unit was running out of water two days ago after I returned from Chinese New Year holidays.

Can you imagine you cannot cook, drop shit, urinate, take bath and wash your dirty clothes when the pipe is totally ran out of water?

I did not see a single truck from Syabas is dispatching water in my housing estate and no updated information in Syabas website to inform residents where and when the truck […]