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You pay Symantec to crash your Win XP

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Most antivirus software purposely coded to stop you from using other antivirus software by using lame excuse of incompatibility.

The “certain third-party software” have been identified by Symantec to include the following products:

Novell ZenWorks PGP Whole Disk Encryption Sophos LanCrypt SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive

Usually they ask you to uninstall third-party software from their competitors first. This practice is unethical.

Symantec explains Windows XP ‘blue screen of death’ outbreak

Summary: The security firm is ‘restructuring’ its SONAR signature quality assurance process after an incompatibility took down a number of Symantec-protected Windows XP machines last week

By David Meyer |

Symantec has explained a compatibility problem that saw some of its Windows XP-using customers experience the ‘blue screen of death’ last week.

The company said on the weekend that a “full evaluation and root cause analysis of the issue” showed that the only customers to be affected were those running XP, certain third-party software, the latest version of Symantec’s behaviour-based SONAR technology, and the 11 July rev11 SONAR signature set.

“The root cause of the issue was an incompatibility due to a three-way interaction between some third-party software that implements a file […]