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This allegation is serious, sue Bruno Manser Fund if untrue, otherwise it may true

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BMF report link,

PM Najib said let brush away this allegation, don’t bother it.

Taib shall sue Bruno Manser Fund, Malaysiakini,, etc. for distributing false information online.

The Strait Times has removed article about BMF report in its website, maybe Taib has complained to Lee Kuan Yew that he will park his money in other offshore heavens if kiasu newspapers expose his sin.

Please pay me one million ringgit for not carrying this allegation. I am happily to take one million to run more online campaigns to expose corruption in Malaysia. LOL

‘Corrupt’ state boss is richest Malaysian: group

The powerful boss of one of Malaysia’s poorest states has used graft and abuse of power to amass a staggering $15 billion fortune — making him the country’s richest man — an activist group said.

The Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) released a report this week alleging that Abdul Taib Mahmud, the chief minister of resource-rich Sarawak state since 1981, and 20 family members are collectively worth $21 billion.

The vast wealth has been accrued through Taib’s grip on huge swathes of the economy and rampant nepotism in handing lucrative […]