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Do you want panda from China or training opportunities from Taiwan?

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Taiwan government had been allocated thousands of seats in its universities and technical colleges for Malaysian Chinese or those Mandarin speakers each year since 50 years ago at the discounted fee like local Taiwanese.

Go look at Communist China, they are still charging Malaysian students at foreign rate denominated in US dollar.

Taiwanese are real friends to Malaysian Chinese who was willing to help Malaysian Chinese when themselves are also very poor in 60s and 70s.

The pandas loan to Malaysia is timing with the general election 13, an intervention on Malaysia domestic politics. The Chinese Communist regime has blatantly said they wanted BN to be Federal government.

More suck is BN government recognizes degrees from Mainland universities first by disregarding the long-term contribution of Taiwan universities.

Some Malaysian Chinese are still calling Mainland China as their motherland. I support Perkasa to ask these people go back to China because they are tarnishing good image of many other Malaysian Chinese loyal to Malaysia.