Terrorism >>>

Filipino gunmen came to Sabah for recess only

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A Taiwanese was killed and a Taiwanese woman were abducted at Pom Pom Island is also not a security break. A brainless statement from a brainless minister.

The intrusion by Sulu terrorists initially was classified as a friendly visit without visa by the same minister.

Another Boleh thing is the restaurant owner has to run 1 km to inform police about the incident. Seems there is no handphone or walkie-talkie facility for the resorts in the island.

No Security Breach, Says Hisham

PUTRAJAYA: Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the security situation in eastern Sabah was not under any threat following the murder of a Taiwanese man and abduction of his wife off the Pom Pom Island resort.

“It remains intact because so far the reports showed that it was not like the Lahad Datu incursion.

“This kind of thing (the shooting of the Taiwanese tourist and abduction of his wife) can happen anywhere but that doesn’t mean the security in the area is under threat,” he said after chairing the Transport Ministry’s post-Cabinet meeting. He is also the Acting Transport Minister.

Hishamuddin said the shooting and abduction should not […]