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PAS Taliban in Kedah

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PAS says NO to female artists during the Chinese New Year in Kedah.

Latest update on 15 Jan 2013: Kedah lifts ban on female performers, sticks to dress code By EMBUN MAJID

What type of dress code Chinese must follow? I believe Chinese lady cheongsam is also too exposure and sexy for Talibans in Kedah.

How about ruling 3 and 4?

3. The artistes only allow to sing with karaoke set, live musical bands are not allowed.

4. Religious and artistic songs are encouraged and no grand celebration is allowed.

I suggest non-Muslim fence-sitters in Kedah vote PAS for parliament seats, but spoil their votes for PAS state seats to teach PAS Kedah a hard lesson. Kedah under PAS is the most Taliban-like state among four PR states.

No female artistes are allowed to perform in the Chinese festival performance in Kedah.

Non-Muslims especially Chinese should be vigilant on PAS’s Talibanization policies imposed on non-Muslims even you hate UMNO so much. PAS and UMNO are competing for Malay votes through their own Islamization and Talibanization policies.

A Malay saying, “Two elephants are fighting in the jungle, the mouse deer is […]