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Tan Huat Ju land scandal? Lim Guan Eng, how to get back RM14 million you are happily paid to Tan?

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I’m fully agree with Penang BN that Lim Guan Eng has expeditedly to pay RM14 million to Tan Huat Ju as the compensation ordered by Penang High Court.

Any lawyer can tell you, the case is still pending for appeal, PR state government should apply to High Court to hold RM14 million in trust until the case is decided in the Appeal and Supreme Courts. Supreme court has upheld the Appeal Court’s decision in May 2012, so the case is finally closed.

Obviously, LGE is purposely to give away RM14 million to Tan as a political chip to attack BN. He is a pay happy Chief Minister.

LGE blamed the Penang High Court for releasing the money against the will of state government. If so, sue the High Court (not sure you can sue the court?).

I hope Penang court official come forward to clarify this issue, otherwise “eating dead cat” accusation against the court is believed TRUE.

How he is going to get back RM14 million if Tan declares his company in bankruptcy?

A new Chief Minister from local folk who is really take care the welfare of Penangites is needed after […]