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Sawah Ring Tangkak is more picturesque than Sekinchan Selangor

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With the legendary Gunung Ledang as its background, Sawah Ring in Tangkak District is more picturesque than Sekinchan Selangor. Selangor Tourism Exco, Elizabeth Wong may be protesting against my assessment, but I invite her to visit Sawah Ring. Besides, Tourism Minister, Ng Yen Yen is also welcomed to see herself that Sawah Ring is worth to be promoted as a natural sighting.

The paddy field is an ideal location for your wedding photography especially in one or two weeks before the harvesting session.

I used to catch fighting fishes and trap small birds in the paddy field during my childhood days. We small kids were allowed to roam freely in the wild by our parents because child kidnapping was an unheard story in 70s.

The water quality in old days was much better than today, those muddy water channels served as free swimming pool and we kids all swum with full nude body like the buffaloes. The buffaloes also being replaced by tractors!

I still do not understand why Sawah Ring is still not included in the Muar travel brochure as a natural sighting and bird watching attraction.

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