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A lelong seller named onlinekaki15 in Lelong is giving false info on Taobao

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I do not know what is his real motif, may be to scare you that international shipping fee for goods purchased from Taobao is too expensive and you should buy from his web store in Lelong. LOL

I bought another 6kg gardening set yesterday by paying RM30 for direct international shipping service. Alibaba (Taobao) shipping service is quite cheap compared to local purchasing agents.

The international shipping fee charged by Alibaba shipping agent is 45 Yen or 30 ringgit. Local purchasing agents like Wiwaa will charge at least RM78 for 6kg goods with air economic courier service.

The variance in shipping fees from the difference purchasing agents in Malaysia is quite big. The cheapest option is using direct shipping method in Taobao.

Sometimes, the goods is delivered to me by Alibaba shipping agent in three days. The normal delivery days from Toabao are from 5 to 14 days.