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TARC and UTAR are monuments to prove MCA is impotent

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The truth is only 9.6% students in the public universities are Malaysian Chinese.

Young Malaysian Chinese (Indian too) are denied the rightfully seats in the public universities because of

1. UMNO abused the public funds to build apartheid MARA and Petronas universities for bumi (actually for Malay).

2. Dual tier schooling and examination system. Malay students are enrolled into good facilities MARA junior colleges and sit for internal examination. Chinese and Indian students are forced to study in normal schools and sit for STPM.

3. Allocate too many seats for foreign students especially from the Islamic nations and Muslims from the non-Islamic nations.

Why bumi (actually Malay) students are not sitting STPM? Because at least 90% of them will fail in STPM.

MCA is impotent and let UMNO to monopolize the usage of resources for bumi. So MCA only solution is to build TARC and UTAR to accommodate qualified Chinese students who are deprived of opportunity to study in the public universities paid by their parents (via income, sales and import taxes).

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