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Tay Tian Yam [郑丁贤] of Sin Chew is a garbage writer

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He tries to comment on many issues like an expert, but he does not bother to understand the subject and facts behind them. I have seen many ridiculous arguments in his column, and his negative influence on 1,000,000 Chinese readers is a disaster to Malaysian Chinese intelligence and maturity.

He did post comments in my blog about Lynas issue by saying radioactive waste is hazardous to people and environment in Kuantan.

Pollution from the radioactive waste is no longer a valid issue after the German consultant hired by Green Himpunan did not support its accusation. This is another example of empty talk based on opinion, not on fact.

Actually he has no intelligence and courage to express professional, unbias and factual views on many issues, what he wrote in Sin Chew Daily is mainly to please his readers and his boss.

A letter in The Malaysiakini Chinese has exposed his sheer ignorance on education matter in Australia which he has talked like an expert in his column. Tay’s article in English translation can be found here.

Sin Chew Daily seldom to publish reader’s rebuttal against opinions from its editors with the purpose […]