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How many times I was cheating death? Four times!

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1. A big dead Angsana tree was falling directly on me when I was 10 before a stormy raining day. I was very lucky because I happened to stand in a 2-feet deep cement drain and spontaneously I squatted down when I noticed the tree was going to tumble down. About 2 to 3-feet diameter trunk falling directly on my direction and broken to a few pieces after hitting the ground. I came out in one piece from the drain with a broken trunk right on my head.

A 12-year old girl (she passed away at about 16 year due to polio) looked at me with her jaw wide opened after I stood out from the drain unscratched.

2. After my traveling trip to Kelantan during my university day, the train I ride stopped at Gemas for a short break. I went to platform to buy a soft drink, and on the way back to my coach, a fast train was crossing right in front of me. My face is less than 15 cm from the coach side wall. I would be knocked down and dead if I walked a bit faster.

I […]