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If you do not train your kids how to swim, it's your grosss negligence as a parent

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Almost a young child below 18 or two people drown to death every day in Malaysia.

I always reminded my friends that teaching their kids how to swim is a vital part of parental role, failing to do so is a gross negligence.

My parents are illiterate type of parents, they stopped me from learning swimming in the Muar river because of ignorant about swimming skill is a survival tool. The swimming place in the river bank is covered with wooden fence, it’s safe if the kids learn the swimming inside the “pondok”.

I found kids born after 80s in my village are not learning swimming because the fenced hut in the river bank is totally deserted all the time.

Somehow I had learned how to swim myself in the Muar River, a survival skill I valued for life.

Do not cry like a baby if your kids drown due to no swimming skill. Blame yourself till the end of your life for not teaching your kids to swim.

Swimming should be a basic right of every child

I WOULD like to thank The Star for publishing “Be in the swim […]