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Stop using UN until BN government signs all UN human rights conventions

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What not PDRM also argued that beating peaceful protesters also a UN-approved standard in Utusan.

UN does not have a standard on irritants

THE United Nations in Malaysia refers to “Police: Tear gas used at rally safe, UN-approved’” (The Star, May 7). The UN has consistently condemned the excessive use of force, including through the use of tear gas.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression after his mission to Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories in December 2011 noted that “while the use of tear gas to disperse a crowd may be legitimate under certain circumstances, tear gas canisters should never be fired directly at demonstrators”.

Unlike what was alleged in the article, the UN does not set international standards on different kinds of irritants, nor has the UN approved “CS Gas” as a “riot control” agent.