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We have another great leader to cheer for...welcome to North Korea!

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When Khairy criticized Tee Hong Piow for emulating North Korea’s great leader. Many anti-BN Chinese and Indians come to defend him in saying the money is his, it’s absolutely nothing wrong to have such a glory celebration for an old man.

I agree with Khairy on this matter, personal worshiping is suck even you are billionaire. Luckily the audience did not wave Malaysia flags to welcome this old man.

He is also adding salt to a wound when many poor Malaysians are struggling to meet their end needs. This is a bad taste for anyone to have such personal glorification party in Malaysia.

Yes, North Korea is a right place for him.

Lee Kuan Yew with much contribution to his people and nation, he dare not asking his people to give him this kind of “semi-God” treatment.

Anyway, I am not using Public Bank services although some Chinese people says PBB is a Chinese bank I should support (maybe blindly).